Coneline, where isoinertrial training meets engineering

We are dedicated to create flywheel training systems, for the most effective and safe strength training possible.

Unique technology and the laws of physics provide an unbeatable training experience and amazing results.

Athlete or home user - flywheel training is for you.

Your force unleashed
What you give is what you get. - And its more than you think...
It adapts
The inertia is always there. - No matter your fatigue.
Sport performance
Speed, power, hypertrofy -Flywheel training has proven give superior results.
For everyone
No matter your goals, fitness or just to keep your health, seeing and feeling the difference will raise them. Coneline training is addictive and FUN!
Double up
Full control of the eccentric load
Long 3D motion
2m range of motion in all directions. Transfer to many sports.
Unlimited possibilities
Unlimited possibilities to create exercises. Long movements without ticking point, 3D motion direction, selectable speed, diagonal mounting.
High safety
Designed with safety in focus. Low center of gravity, difficult to reach moving parts. Horizontal-acting gyro forces, large footprint, low profile and ergonomic add-ons.
Optimized speed
Progressive and balanced ratio combined with high inertia provides even speed and smooth operation.
Lightweight & low friction
Lifting weight and overwinning friction is energy lost. Therefore are all add-ons are made lightweight and internal friction is extremely low.
Realtime feedback
Unique realtime feedback system for meassuring peak power and enegy.
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E-FORCER start package

E-FORCER start package


We are proud to present our completely new E-FORCER.

A flywheel functional trainer to be attached to any rack, pillar or any vertical object that can withstand the force.

Flywheel training just got even more versatile and easy to use!


Coneline is a part of Inio AB, a Swedish company dedicated to create products with an out side the box mindset.

We have long experince in product design and manufacturing as well as from strength training.

Coneline was launced in 2016 and has since been shipped all over the world to top sport performance coaches, athletes, fysioterapists and home users.

We are passionate of what we do. We love to create flywheel training equipment. So be sure about one thing - more is coming!

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Phone: +46(0)70 960 10 48