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Welcome to Coneline, where isoinertrial training meets engineering

Our products are designed to deliver the most effective and safe strength training possible.

Use the laws of physics and our unique technology to reach your goals. Wether you are an elite coach, fitness athlete or a home user - Coneline is for you.

So just drop the weights and join the Coneline community!


Coneline is a part of Inio AB, a Swedish company dedicated to create superior products for strength training.

We have long experince in product design and manufacturing as well as from strength training.

Our first Coneline was launced in 2016 and has since been shipped all over the world to top sport performance coaches, athletes, fysioterapists and home users.

But it was not the first one, we have been developing isoinertial training machines for more than 10 years by now.

We are passionate of what we do. Meeting users and get their feedback is the best enegy boost one can get. It inspires us to work even harder to create more game changing products. So stay tuned - more is coming!

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Realtime feedback

Unique realtime feedback system for meassuring peak power and enegy.