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inertial flywheel training by Coneline

Your force unleashed

 During the pull phase, your work is stored. On the way back it's all unleashed. - Optimum force, optimum resistance – All the way, all the time.

No ticking point and just as gentle or hard as you want it. 

Exponential force

The enegy (work) stored in a rotating flywheel is exponential to the speed. This is the greatness of flywheel training. As one gets tired or engage weaker muscles, the force adapts perfectly.


Eccentric load and overload

There are several ways to achieve controlled eccentric overload. Eccentric training has proven to reduce risk  of injuries and have benefits in rehabilitation.

For everyone

Flywheel training is scientifically proven to be superior to traditional weight training in many cases. 

Sport performance, rehabilitation, fitness, seniors - Flywheel training is for everyone... and it's fun!