• Flywheels in my head

Flywheels spinning in my head

Updated: Jul 9

Hi, You might have seen me on youtube trying to create Coneline content under the Corona lockdown.

My name is Kjell Insulander and this is my first blog post ever.

I'm Swedish. English is not my language so blame all the shortcomings on google translate and the Swedish school system.

That said - Im also CEO at Coneline and chief designer and... well almost everything. Coneline is a small company. I like it that way. As long as I´m in charge there not be mass production of Conelines. Coneline is, will be an exclusive products designed and produced only one thing in mind. To create the best flywheel training equipment. Products still affordable thanks to smart production friendly design and low over head costs.

For many years used to be a part owner of and manage a larger company before. I liked it. i learned a lot, had great collegues and employees. But i know what it takes.

Now as a small business owner and head of everything i get to do all the fun stuff!

I can do what i like best - designing products people love. Meet fantastic people and build a network in a new exciting business area.

I'm forced to learn new skills. Today for instance - I uploded a instruction video on the latest release of the Instant Power Monitor app. At this point its only in Swedish, but I'll start editing the English one tonight.

I love this job - I love Coneline and I love Flywheel training.

Hope you will follow me here and also discover the greatness of weightless flywheel strength training.

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