Safety first

All Coneline products are designed with safety in focus. The V-FORCER  has low center of gravity, horizontal-acting gyro forces, large footprint and low profile. All prevents the units to flip over.

All moving parts are difficult to reach. And all add-ons are designed to be at ergonomic and comfortable as possible.


Smooth operation

Progressive and balanced 1:1 ratio, small shaft diameter and high inertia, is a unique Coneline feature for even speed and smooth operation. 


Training in 3D

2m range of motion (Full-Forcer) and free direction makes it possible to create functional excercises with tranfer to almost any sport or everyday movement. 


Lightweight and low friction

Lifting weight and overwinning friction is energy lost. Therefore are all add-ons are made lightweight and internal friction is kept extremely low.


Unlimited possibilties?

Nothing is unlimited. But Coneline Full-Forcer combined with Diagonal Brackets and Wall Brackets offers more possibilities to create and vary excercises than one can imagine. - It's a multitool for superior strength training.